The Zone of Control (or simply ZoC) covers all the six hexes surrounding each unit. When a unit enters the ZoC of an enemy unit, it can’t move any further, no matter how many movement points it may have left. The size of the ZoC is not affected in any way by a unit’s attack range.

In some situations, it may look as though a unit is moving through an enemy ZoC, where in fact it is simply taking an indirect route.

NOTE: If your unit starts a turn in an enemy unit’s ZoC, it may move one hex further into the ZoC, or move away as normal.
!Here’s a simple example:


The blue lines show where the blue Raider can move within and around an enemy’s ZoC. The coloured hexes around the Heavy Trooper indicate its ZoC.

The hexes marked with a blue X are the hexes within an enemy’s ZoC that the Raider can reach this turn (whereupon it must stop moving). Those marked with a red X are beyond reach this turn.

Question: If I move the raider to the left most blue hex on this turn, can I move past the unit to the red hexes next turn, or can you only move one space at a time in a ZoC?
Answer: You can only move one space at a time in an enemy unit's ZoC, so you would not be able to move the raider past the unit to the red X hexes on the second turn. You can, however, move to either of the other two blue X hexes.